Bring your vehicle in for an auto diagnostic in Salem, OR

Find Out What's Wrong With Your Truck

Like any modern vehicle, trucks are designed with internal computers that detect mechanical problems. They output a code that can help pinpoint the issue and so you can get the proper repairs. America's Truck and Trailer Repair offers auto diagnostic services at our shop in Salem, OR. Our truck mechanic can hook up your truck to our system and read the code to find the reason your check engine light is on. We can also come to you if your vehicle breaks down on the side of the road.

An active check engine light can be a sign of a serious problem. Don't wait to bring your truck to America's Truck and Trailer Repair for a diagnostic.

Why use a diagnostic tool?

You don't have to let your check engine light cause you stress. Bring your truck in for an auto diagnostic so you can...

  • Save time - Our truck mechanic won't have to spend hours searching for the problem
  • Save money - You won't end up paying for unnecessary and unrelated repairs
  • Get peace of mind - You'll be back on the road knowing the problem is taken care of
Call 503-884-3881 now to arrange for auto diagnostic services in Salem, Oregon or surrounding areas like Eugene, OR.